@Riot Why is %current health damage used?

I've got to admit, I'm not a big fan of this damage type being used in game. Or more specifically I'm not totally sold on why it is used in most cases. What's the point of using a variable form of damage that putters out as a fight goes on? For instance if it is anti-burst, can't riot come up with a more elegant anti-burst effect? I can understand %max... that's anti-tank. %missing? Finisher. Why does %current health belong in the game? What's the main purpose of front-loaded damage? Why would I as a player want something that isn't going to help get me the kill or assist towards the end of the fight and keep the other guy alive, what's it in for the person using it? {{item:3153}} - This one I kind of understand, if only because it is an ADC item and they like building crit and armor pen. This is the most justifiable case I can think of, but only because of the main champs that get it have other ways of blowing you up: {{item:3031}} until riot does the sword of epic badassery. For an ADC, this item is compensation for all those times your IE/SS didn't crit to begin a fight... but ADCs are the main ones with crit so after them, I have trouble seeing the purpose of this? {{item:3151}} - when I see it ticking away on a minion for 1hp a second but not killing the minion, I want to cry a tiny bit. I want to say this is an item for either CC tanks or CC supports, but it's not really common on either type of champ. Mumu and Sej get it, but only at 8% buy rate or less. Zyra gets it too, but it's uncommon on her. Teemo gets it, but I can't stand that little fungus crapper. I want to say people like this more for the little bit of stats everywhere and the DoT more than how the DoT is applied. If you don't have built in CC, then you have to get rylai's and now you are wondering into AP bruiser territory. {{champion:28}}'s ult. I am not a fan of her ult for a lot of reasons. The spell shield makes people want to tank as her. The %Current damage is weak on an assassin at best. This feels like a hard initiation ult for someone who isn't meant to do that but is forced into the role. Evelynn really doesn't have the base damage in her other skills she needs for this to be a good ult for her. {{champion:60}}'s human Q. Elise needs a lot of TLC right now. That last nerf kind of splatted this bug-girl (spider-girl). I think part of her issue is her human Q feels underpowered to me and this is part of the reason why. She also gets Liandry's a lot so this is like a double whammy of puttering off. I can kind of see the risk/reward of this when you figure in the spider's Q and it's backloaded damage but right now, the human Q doesn't feel rewarding and overall elise just doesn't feel like she's in a good spot... She's the new urgot as far as win-rates are concerned.
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