Akali 38% winrate OmegaLul

U.GG LoL Akali Build & Runes Guide Top Jungle Mid Bot Support S9
The best lol league of legends champion Akali build and runes guide, as roles top, jungle, mid, bot, support on ranked solo/duo, aram, ranked flex, normal blind and normal draft. S9 S8 S7. Patch 9.2.1 op gg.
Barely above 40 percent in Plat+. Riot gutted this champion so that no one can take her Midland without her being poked out. She gets outscaled by most of the toplaners and only serves as a subpar lanebully every 20 some odd seconds. This champ was never broken and honestly I don't even think she was all that contested in pro-play either if im being honest Welp this champion is going to be in the gutter for a month so unless there is a hotfix, which there should be, good luck climbing on Akali
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