Unpopular Opinion: Support is fun

You don't have to CS (so much more chill) You get to spend the laning phase being a lane bully (you know, the fun part) You rarely feel like you have to 'carry' (even though a few supports can) You have a huge champ pool to pick from (almost like everybody) You have the most time to take in the whole map, so it's one of the best positions to shot call (assuming any one will listen) You have all your skills, plus like 3-5 active items (wards on 1, redemption on 2, locket on 3, conduits...etc) In a real team fight, most of the time a support can make or break it (like it or not people, your support keeps you alive) I get it, most people want to be the superstar 20/0/0 Vayne With out a good support, good luck going 20/0
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