Forced Secondary Role

I'm not sure if this has been brought up on the Boards before, but plain and simple, why force players to have a secondary role? I know recently I just read something from Riot stating they were crunching numbers and thinking about removing a secondary role, but this really needs to happen. Riot claims League is a competitive team sport, which, case and point, very well is. Hear me out though. Would you make a Quarterback in professional football play Running Back? How about a Pitcher in Baseball? Would you make him play Right Field? This game is about working together as a team, and i'm tired of getting games where people are either 1.) Dodging to avoid the secondary role they didn't want or 2.) Shotgunning it and saying something like "My bad guys, don't usually ADC but I didn't get jung, so they devastate the team." How about another concern. Having Support as a secondary role almost guarantees it as your primary role. Why not just stop the nonsense and allow players to focus on their main role? It'l make for better players (hopefully) and better teamwork. TLDR : Get rid of Secondary Roles. It's a waste of time. Professional players don't randomly get forced into a secondary role during a Championship match. Give us Solo Players the chance to focus on the role we want to play. We need to Practice how we play.
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