Pick 3 and cross your fingers meta

So I could be wrong but with the new "end the game faster changes" recently and over the past years. Nerfs to anything late game or that can stall and now essentially the removal of ADCs from the game, is the meta officially Pick 3 or 4 people that could solo carry if they get gold, cross your fingers to win a lane hard and solo end by 21 minutes? I won't be surprised if soon you just see 5 top laners on each side. Maybe not, and probably not all the time. Maybe that is what most people want just a solo carry chaos fest, no real team comps, no need for team fights, just a mad rush for a few kills and win at baron spawn. Early game power is the only way to not troll. You can win with other things, its just not nearly as good as a few snowball champions throughout the map.

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