Reminder that most players here don’t want balance

Hell, most players here don’t want good matchmaking, or game design, and we can see it plainly from the discrepancy of the types of post are made across the forums. Case in point for the people who complain often about champions, or the bad balance. How many times have you complained however when it is your main currently in the sights of other players? And before you say “oh well my champion has always been balanced.” I’m calling hard bullshit because there have been like three maybe four champions in this entire roster who haven’t been hated at large by the community. You have ever had a time where your main was the strongest and you didn’t ask for nerfs, you don’t want balance, you want fun, you want to win, you want personal enjoyment which is utterly fair to want in a video game, but you don’t want balance. Let’s talk about matchmaking next, you see plenty of post complaining about smurfs, how Riot forced them on lose streaks, how the system is shit because it gives them lower ranked players, but how many times have you seen the opposite of people complaining about Smurfs when they are carried by them, people complaining about being on win streaks, people complaining about the system being shit when it is giving them the higher ranked players because I rarely see them. What people don’t realize is that BALANCE is a two way street, that by the raw concept of matchmaking there HAS to be a winner and a loser and because of that, you would HAVE to lose, you couldn’t win every game with a balanced system but that isn’t what people want to hear, they just want to win every game, and if they don’t, it is because the system is shit. Now let’s talk about those trolls, feeders, afkers, etc. You can refresh any of the forums right now and see some kind of rant about people being upset about them because it ruined their experience. Now how many of those post were made when it was that troll, feeder, or afk on the opponent team? Oh never, got it. Been on these forums for nearly 10 years now and I have only seen a couple of post here about people complaining about people ruining games when the other side had to deal with it. If you have ever had a game where someone was blatantly feeding, afking, trolling, etc, and you didn’t report them and/or taunted the opponent for it happening to them, then you are admitting that you are fine with those players as long as they don’t affect you, which is fine, who doesn’t like to win right, but you both lose the right to complain about them on top of you saying you want them in the game, as long as they are punishing now me, which is once again, the opposite of wanting them gone. Look, I’m not saying there aren’t OP champions, not saying there isn’t horrible game design, nor am I saying that the matchmaking couldn’t use some work but I am saying is that a majority of players here don’t actually want it. They want to win, they want to have fun, they want to not be affected by trolls but don’t want the flip side and unironically don’t see that by having one you NEED to have the other for the concept of BALANCE. If you want balance, then you need to both want nerfs for champions you don’t like AND for champions you do, if you want good matchmaking you need to understand that you will need to BOTH win AND lose. If you want those afkers and such to leave you need to report them and raise just as much of a stink when it is your opponents who have to deal with them, and if you don’t, fine, but stop acting like you want balance, stop acting like you want good matchmaking, stop acting like you want the afkers gone. You want bad balance, bad game design, bad matchmaking, but you want it slanted in your favor.
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