Smurfing is a real issue man

Just trying to play the game and teach my friends how to play and every game there is just one or two guys on the other team that just abuse their knowledge and skill of the game to make it unenjoyable for new players to learn. I understand they could just play bots but bots are not anything like real players. I also know I could easily do the same thing but then they also don't learn anything about the game and I want new players to have the opportunity to learn things about laning and teamfighting instead of just dying over and over again to somebody that has played the game forever. I know its a hard thing to fix but riot needs to do something if they want their game to survive and have more new players join the game. Gotta do something so new players can play against other new players instead of people that just steamroll games because they made a new account so they can just kill noobies. C'mon riot.
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