League of legends Comes with more Bad than good

There are so many good things about league of legends. its a powerful medium but at this day and age thegame does more hard to you than good. Games Have become Longer Trolls have become a normativity Games Tend to play out the same way in Lowe elo Gold 3- Iron The game community Brings out the worst in people (Including myself) Too many things to list. I understand for you high elo players that league is a source of income for you I really do but the majority of us that arent pro players or arent yet at a place where Riot game actually listen to us its very harmful. For alot of players who may want to Climb competitively out of low elo it is so hard and mentally exhausting. Often times we are told that where we are placed in the game is where we belong or we need to take responsibility for every lost/ win. When are we going to wake up and speak the truth; League of legends RANKED SOLO DUO consists of 5 teammates. A team inst a team if 5 strangers play like strangers. PRO PLAYERS do not play games with 5 Strangers on their team. The scale moves from Majority to Minority as you climb so for high elo players players that play everyday become more or less familiar with each other and proceed to recognize players when they are in champ select or game, hence making the game easier. This is not the case in Lower elo. Players on constantly subjected to random individuals everyday. Not that this is a problem but the issue comes in where 4 other players who have no idea of your players or you their proceed to try and win without any co-operation. Some of these individuals Really just dont know how to play and that drags you down, some of these players just pull you back just for the means of trolling. Another lie that is told is that someone can carry a game. NO this is a lie no one person can carry a game. for that to happen your team would be need to help u take objectives, Zone, protect or heal you. and it is so easy for one person to drag the whole game down and 4 people make the team win. even when u do win a game like that you feel soo drained and exhausted making the win feel no worth it . Solo Duo is a Joke In low elo and if you dont be careful it can and will drive you insane. The game has moved from something fun to something very harmful....I wish riot game would step up and be more transparent and not just listen to high elo or pro play...They are the minority and they do not speak of all of us they speak for high elo. Being placed in silver or bronze does not mean anyone is bad. Alot on in game factors cause that person to be where they are a lot of in game factors that are completely out of their control cause them to be where they are.. and its mortifying to watch someone sit a blame themselves for what they cant control and the reason is because thats what they are being told as an excuse to a faulty system. No one is saying league has to be perfect. But when are we going to make attemps to address issues in the lower elos rather that ignoring them and branding them as bad. When will the self loathing of high elo players end and when will riot game sit and Collectively respect and listen to Every without Bias BOTH HIGH AND LOW ELO alot of players cant quit because they have spent too much time on the game or just too much money so it hard to let go. Personally Im slowly letting Go. Im healing. I fear for my mental and emotional health. I wish for anyone who is reading this and understands whats going on to just know that you arent alone and i know its hard to let go
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