Have you ever been in any of those games where everyone has stopwatch? The use of Zhonya is just fine because there are some champions designed to work with Zhonya, as engagers like Morgana, Fiddlesticks or Kennen, and it's ok, we understand that and I honestly think it's totally fair. The problem comes when there's an item such as Stopwatch that not only u can build into a variety of items (not only Zhonya), you can also get it for free with your masteries, that has the same active as Zhonya and everyon has one. There's three points here: -It's not fair that while you are in Stasis (the Zhonya effect) your cooldowns are ticking so champions like Fiddlesticks can use Fear before and after using Stopwatch/Zhonya, it's just an example, there's a lot of them. As an engager it's fine that you use that item to engage and buy time for your team to follow you or just help you get out of there. But it shouldn't allow your cooldowns to keep ticking. Sometimes you just need 2 more seconds for your Flash to get offcooldown and Zhonya helps there, then after Zhonya, you flash and you are safe. Or when playing Morgana you Q someone who goes and fights you, then you Zhonya and after that you Q them again and just walk out of there. I think it's not fair at all, but, this is not the most important point. -When you engage on someone you fully commit. Assassins in general have some kind of way to engage and then get out, like Katarina with resets or just Akali jumping here and there. BUT there are some champions like Master Yi, Nocturne, Rengar or Vi which only have a gapcloser to catch you, but not to leave after. So the point here is, if you get caught in a situation where you shouldn't be because YOU MADE A MISTAKE of misspositioning or overextending, for example, there shouldnt be an item which "forgives" your mistake so you just press your stopwatch, and you are totally safe, your team is helping you and that assassin who engaged on you just dies because has no chance to get out of there like Vi, or just, in case of Master Yi, he goes in, you Stopwatch and he can not get any basic attacks on you so he is not able to use his Q again so he just... dies without having done nothing, just Q on you and stare at your golden champion standing there. If you get caught you just have to be punished for that, because you made a mistake. And the problem comes when everyone is getting stopwatch, not only those few champions like Morgana or Fiddlesticks. Literally everyone: adc's, assassins, supports, tanks... It is really ridiculous tabbing and seeing top: stopwatch, jungler: stopwatch , mid: stopwatch and zhonya, adc: stopwatch and guardian angel, support: stopwatch and zhonya. Like i'm not even exagerating when I say a few days ago I saw in enemy team someone with stopwatch, zhonya and guardian angel, ALL THREE ITEMS IN 1 CHAMPION. This is getting crazy, it makes no sense at all. -It is fine that an AP midlaner like Lux or Ahri gets Zhonya when he is playing vs Zed, because u need to stop his ult somehow. Ok, its fine BUT what's not fine is that some AP assassins like Fizz or LeBlanc are making use of Zhonya just so if they fuck up they will still be fine. I mean, if Fizz goes on you, he SHOULD know his limits and he should know what he's doing. If for some reason he fucks up and doesnt kill the adc, its totally fair that Fizz dies, right? Well, he can just Zhonya/Stopwatch and SURPRISE he has his E offcooldown again, he doesnt die, he kills the adc or just uses E and he's safe, eventhough he fucked up on his atempt to kill. So, finally, stopwatch/Zhonya are not being used as intended. They are being used as a way to forgive mistakes, misspositioning and bad fights. They are being used by champions/roles who arent supposed to use them. Also, the fact that Stopwatch is free to get (with masteries) and is a single-use item is not a problem, because games are so short now that you won't be needing it more than 1 or 2 times. If we were back in seasion 4 or 5, u know we usually had games of 40 or 50 minutes, but nowadays games dont last more than 30 minutes so just 1 use of stopwatch (which u got for free) is enough to act as a "game-changer" and maybe win that game that you were about to lose because you or your team didnt play good enough but, stopwatch happened and you somehow won. Let me know your opinions on this because I really think Stopwatch needs to go. Zhonya would be fine with just stopping cooldowns from ticking but Stopwatch really needs to no longer exist. It's been a huge mistake and people are abusing so much of it.
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