K so can we give Nidalee the Kassadin treatment now

Let's make her free flash stack up in mana costs I'm fine with Riot thinking they need to put Kassadin on the shelf for now and come back to him with another approach - let's be honest, that's what they did here. They literally put him in Poppy tier. So why can't we do the same to Nidalee? Nobody likes playing dodge a spear from fog of war. Nobody likes being burdened with trying to engage on a Nidalee comp because lol pounce and resets yay. Honestly, Nidalee has been just as big an issue in competitive play as Kassadin has yet you guys always seem to want to shove her down our throats. Nobody wants to play against this stupid champion. Please gut her to the point her spears only do 2 damage until you can figure out how to make her design less toxic to play against.
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