Suddenly losing rows upon rows of games??

I have no clue why I'm suddenly losing so many games??? I'm not toxic, I don't tilt my teammates, I play the exact same as I have been playing. I had almost a 70% wr and was almost platinum 5. Now suddenly I'm gold 1 with gold 3 mmr about to demote with a 48% wr. I take breaks too, im not just on a tilt streak losing tons of games because I'm playing bad. I'm playing the exact same, I have no idea why I'm suddenly losing so many games. When I finally get a decent team that wants to cooperate. Someone afk's or trolls and then I lose ANOTHER. It's beyond frustrating that I can't figure out why I'm losing. I'm guessing it's because I main support and gold/plat adcs just have egos and suck at the game. Idk Edit: Demoted, hell yeah! Edit: Also had to dodge because we had a ghost cleanse rammus mid!! 30 minute wait timer!! This game and community isnt horrible at all!! :DDD
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