After bouncing between gold 1 and 4 for like the 20th time

I have to say this rank is by far the biggest coin flip i've ever seen that or Riot intentionally gives you players far below their skill ranking just to screw with people. I have gone into G1 promos about 7 times now, everytime I enter the promos I go on a massive losing streak (regardless of role or champ) until I hit g4 then, rather easily, get back to g1 and enter promo and the cycle repeats itself. The gap between g2 and g1 players is MASSIVE everytime I hit G1 it suddenly turns into the most baboon infested game i've ever seen. ADC's going into melee range under tower at level 3 for someone at 50% hp. Supports building the most random items ever. Top lanes, despite having a massive advantage over the other player being absolutely stomped and blaming everyone but themselves. This may sound like common league, but through g4-2 I never see it as prevalent as I do in g1. A friend of mine has been having the exact same issue. The moment they hit G1 they just can't seem to get out of it because the teams become significantly worse. There's no "we can win" there's no maybe we can salvage this game. It's either you completely rofl stomp the enemy team and FF at 15 because it's 30vs2 or the same thing happens but to your team and not the enemies. There was a game where I went 5/1/2 as veigar completely 1 shotting the enemy support and adc at the same time almost able to 1 shot the jungler and mid yet we had to FF because those 5 kills were the only thing our team had. Team was dying nonstop and couldn't do anything Matchmaking honestly needs a massive overhaul. I'm constantly sitting around 50%-52% win rate because the games simply don't matter about my individual skill it matters if I got lucky or not
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