Aatrox - Ultimate: World Ender Rework Suggestion

So I've been thinking ever since the changes of Aatrox were released and after trying it out (and also maining the champion) I noticed something really bothering, his ultimate. The current rework concept is basically: If Aatrox takes lethal damage during the first 10 seconds of world ender, he instead becomes untargetable and silenced, reviving for 15-50% of his max HP over 3.25 seconds while moving at reduced speed. Suggestion: If Aatrox is below 10% of his maximum health at the end of world ender, he has the option to reactivate the ability to stab and execute himself, making him get the revive even if people don't hit him and kill him, but he revives with less HP than he would if he were to be killed, maybe 25-30%. **This also adds skill expression because it gives you the choice of either executing yourself or waiting to die but be revived with more hp. Would love to hear suggestions or opinions. Thank you for your time.
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