[MEGATHREAD] Let's Discuss: Katarina & Evelynn

It’s been a long while, but after all these years the issue hasn’t really disappeared: it’s been a while since the Assassin Update launched, but we’re still feeling the mixed consequences today. While Rengar and LeBlanc have received full or partial reverts, there continues to be mixed opinions on the state of Katarina, an issue that has split her community, and earned criticism from pro players such as [Scarra](https://twitter.com/scarra/status/1042194621546131457). On top of that, while her rework was much later, Evelynn has also created a similar split, and had mixed reception on her gameplay since she got relaunched. Her patch history has been equally rough since, with her going very often from weak to overbearing and back. Because of this, it might be time to open discussion on both champs via a megathread. We’re at a point where most players and Riot are aware that the Assassin Update, and the changes in design that followed, weren’t entirely successful. Assassins like Eve and Kat continue to have problems, and we need to talk about what can be done. Because of this, let’s try giving feedback that answers these questions: • What is your criticism of the current state of Evelynn/Katarina? • What do you want Evelynn/Katarina’s gameplay fantasy to be? • What changes would you suggest to Evelynn/Katarina? Your feedback could be about Eve, Kat, or both. As more replies get made, this post will fill out with a summary of the most commonly cited feedback. Come back often!
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