New Akali feels weird

Hey guys! I'm a former Akali main since season 4 (roughly 220k points on her now). Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that Akali lost her identity a bit? I don't mean her lore, that was meant to change. She turned from a resetting monster, to an all-out combo assasin. People might complain that her damage was too high before, but honestly it really wasn't hard to counter her before. She was really only a problem in lower ranks. I actually love her rework don't get me wrong, it's really interesting, but I feel like this is a whole new champion. The best thing about Akali was her ability to reset and bounce around a teamfight. Now she has to use her entire combo to kill one target, after which she can't do much unless you go a attack speed/rageblade build with a gunblade. Anyway, point is, she's not weak, not trashing the champion. It just feels weird to play her now. I am officially a Sona/Zed main now! Ab

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