Riot... just wow... wtf matchmaking

Gold 3 player here Game 1: I hard carried with Lee Sin Game 2: one retard from my last game got queued with me again. Enemy picked Lee Sin so I chose Maokai. I was 3/0 but didn't matter because mid fed 0/9 even though I took all of Lee Sin's jungle and he didn't even gank. I even leashed her blue. Our retard mid keeps giving free solo kills for no fucking reason. She had half hp after getting blue, I pinged her not to go to lane because Brand was waiting. She still goes to his face and immediately hands over the buff. Rinse and repeat 3 times. No chance of winning. I said nothing the whole game and even our support started telling her to stop taking buffs. And then. I get QUEUED WITH 2 UNRANKED PLAYERS AND 1 PLAYER WHO HAS PLAYED 2 MATCHES AND LOST BOTH. Like... are you fucking serious? Is this some april fools bullshit that I'm unaware of or...???? I rarely dodge games and I had to dodge that one because it would have been a fucking no brainer loss. What a waste of time. I'm gold 3 without a shitty MMR so stop giving me moronic teammates and match me with people who are at least half a human being each and not missing fingers or chromosomes ffs. These people have a place for them called BRONZE or SILVER. Like what in the fuck is this shit????? I don't even question fairness at this point. Is this Riot just being stupid because they can't come up with a better algorithm for matchmaking? I join a new game and oh look, twisted fate support. Fantastic. I fucking love this game Riot. i fucking love this game I fucking love this. So Fucking. Much. - - - Edit: won that game with twisted fate support. I played tristana jungle, came back to godlike after going 0/9. Ezreal, Tristana, Sion, Fiddle, Twisted Fate vs. Jax, Yi, Karthus, Ashe, Leona Idk by what magic but it happened. What a comeback from 3 inhibitors down LOL
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