Why do Vanguards keep getting the short end of the design stick?

Wardens get to have: - Anti-mobility field {{champion:78}} - Anti-AA field and global saves {{champion:98}} - Damage block/redirect AOE {{champion:201}} - mobile zhonya {{champion:223}} - milk {{champion:12}} Vanguards, by comparison, are just CC bots with different flavors of CCing you. The "new" and "better" ones are so bland and interchangeable it hurts. {{champion:113}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:89}} do one thing - CC chain you. That's their only real defining feature and their only difference is what kind of CC they apply and whether it's AOE or not. But the end goal is the same - stunlock you, and do it as many times as they're allowed to do until they die. Ironically the older tanks stand out much more than the new ones. {{champion:54}} AA crippler, {{champion:32}} magic enhancement (fairly recent change but it was a really good one). You could have made Ornn much more interesting if Brittle was more than a tack-on and if he didn't just bring all the CC you need by himself; he can't even enjoy the main benefit of Brittle's extended CC; it's basically just extra damage for his kit the way it's applied. Leona *almost* stands out with her passive but it's not really a prominent feature beyond just permanently reapplying it to one person at a time until they die or she dies. The pre-rework tanks stood out so much more, too. Sejuani was maybe the only hard-scaling tank who was more of like a teamfight-focused bruiser than a real, dedicated tank, since she had a poor defensive steroid but a very good offensive tool. Maokai had R to absorb damage (the concept was fine but the application was bad). Zac.. I don't know; he's always been about the long range engage, but he's just not fun now. He feels so one-note with landing E->R and everything else about him has had to be nerfed because of this combo. Nunu was the king of objectives and turned into a carry-buffer in teamfights (something I'm now pining for as I watch them all get reworked); as far as tank reworks go, he's easily the best, but I'm still not really satisfied with it now that it's settled in. The worst part is that this doesn't make them healthier. All of these reworks put so much power out of the champ's unique and defining features and put them into strengths that soloQ simply can't coordinate to use to the fullest. One by one these rework tanks disappear from normal play and then keep getting trashed because, surprisingly, their 3-5 second stunlock combos are utterly disgusting in coordinated play. They're more snowball-focused than ever because they have no redeeming quality if they can't survive long enough to spam CC on your face, but they're utterly unbearable if they have the leg up. Where's the variety? Where's the creativity? Just because a champion is built to start a fight doesn't mean they all need to do it the same way. You have plenty of mechanics that provide disruptions and engage potential without outright needing to remove the ability for the enemy team to play. Nearsight, under-used CCs like silences, terrain.. just *anything*. I want to look at a new Vanguard tank and not be immediately disappointed that 80% of their kit is hard disables.

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