Lethal Tempo should be moved to the Inspiration tree

I posted about this before, but it went under the radar. I think now that runes were separated from stats, lethal tempo there's no reason for lethal tempo to be in precision. The theme for inspiration is rule-breaking and lethal tempo does just that. Also it opens up new rune possibilities for some adcs like: - Stopwatch & Magical Footwear works on all ADCs - Future's market caters to snowbally adcs {{champion:119}} {{champion:236}} - Biscuit delivery is great for scaling adcs {{champion:222}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:81}} - The last row is a bit iffy but I can see approach velocity being useful for helping your team or support, timewarp tonic is good with biscuits and might open up a corruption pot start, and cosmic inisght is just a nice convenience.

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