for the love of god,nerf Lethality all u want but fix TALON's bugs and spells lack of coordination!!

Hi everyone, I'm shaykh ,a {{champion:91}} main with over 1mil points in total. I find it frustrating that many people claim Talon is broken and overpowered without knowing how his kit works , the and without even trying the champ and assessing his skillcap prior judging him. Talon was announced weak by Rioters couple of weeks ago, therefore they generally buffed Lethality as an excuse for buffing him. The problem is it didn't only put Talon in a good spot, but it put many other commonly picked overloaded champs in an even better spot than they already were.{{champion:64}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:21}} few examples. and I'm glad to see those upcoming Lethality nerfs next patch and I never considered Lethality and assassin items to be weak to begin with that they needed buffs. You find Talon weak, you buff Talon, simple. Talon in general does not need any damage buffs, maybe his Q but the rest of his kit is fine. What bothers me is the lack of coordination when using his spells. 1) I don't understand why I cant Q mid-air after wall jumping *E*, but I can still use my R? afterall, you said it yourself [[ Talon looks like the type of dude who would *hang out on top of a building all day waiting to jump down and kill you* ]]. So explain why when I use my E ability the rest of the kit becomes unusable but not the R? 2) Talon's E sometimes bugs and flips in backward direction. sometimes It happens to me and results in me dying to the enemy cause of a bug I cant control. 3) Using E does not put Talon in the other side of the wall until he lands there, aund results in easy counterplays by forexample:= Vayne's E , after jumping the walla she uses her E on me and while almost landing i find myself stunned where I started. (Hecarim does the same thing too). 4) Why can't I use my E to the fullest and land wherever I want? I understand jumping a big wall results in me landing exactly infrontof the wall, but why can't i long jump small walls too and land wherever I want? I believe this would give much more cool outplay potential rather than just land on that goddamn trap that cait setup near the wall. afterall he JUMPS, LEAPS and he should be freely able to land anyplace within the RANGE of the SPELL. 5) You never mentioned Talon's Passive got a Cooldown. I tested Talon and seems like you can't stack anymore *Wounds* on the enemy if he's bleeding. What the heck? why can't i do that? Why can't I be rewarded for perfectly timing my spells ? Edit: Due to being in a hurry yesterday I skipped the most important disturbing part about Talon 6) Talon lacks proper movement speed and Q dash range to catch/stick to his enemies. Why did you even nerf Talon's MS to being with? yeah you gave him a jump but whats the point of it if you can't reach the wall in time to escape? many times I find it hard to approach those champs like mages and ADCs and some bruisers who buy items that permanently buff their MS {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3742}} in and out of combat. meanwhile you gave AD *assassins* , the supposedly *most mobile champs in the game whom you've reworked to give other champs a window for counterplay* ONLY an OUT of combat MS. Not fair at all !! the only item that should provide an out of combat MS is{{item:3117}} and at least it gives a huge amount of it compared to lethality items. Nerf Lethality items by 5 AD and 5 Lethality but let that MS be in and out of combat as a compensation. Tldr; Give Talon the QoL buffs that he deserves and stop changing Lethality and items around him.
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