Duskblade was nerfed too much that it feels more like a support item now than AD assassin.

I don't play assassins to clear wards but i play them to get kills. Clearing wards is for supports so you should leave that to them, remove the ward detect passive and add the damage back to the proc. I enjoy assassin yi(full lethality) but it feels way weaker than when it was strong. NOTE: Duskblades old damage is nothing more than a one time trinity force proc which is balanced. but if you have a match history like this: https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUW1/24062477 you're gonna hate on assassins anyways cause you don't play them and they specialize in killing. And another really bad nerf is on electrocute and scorch. So its doing much less damage but has a shorter cd this is not what assassins want. ELECTROCUTE is currently a fast lower damage rune that zed players have to rely on. making it more available to use but weaker is more for ezreal and poke mages so scorch zed doesn't want that halved either it doesn't even count in his combo. Basically assassins don't want too much utility/poke tools this will weaken them a lot. Unneccesary since zhonyas and stopwatch exists so does all the armor items but low rank people just don't buy those items and complain that they main ashe or something and some wukong is killing them because their MELEE range. Yea, very hard to kill an ashe in melee range i know. This is why you shouldn't depend on silver/bronze data since its low quality.
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