IDK if this is the way to make comebacks more possible, Riot... :/ (OPINION BTW)

Real quick, this is just my speculation and opinion from this patch compared to others. I played with some friends earlier today and actually did pretty good for once. My friends were getting shut down hard and I was carrying as Kai'Sa. I died twice to a certain champion and they got bonus gold and such and they got a bounty on them. Because of this, my friend who was the top laner, who was 1-5-2 at the time (if i recall correctly), was able to get almost 4500 gold off of the enemy team because he managed to KS me in a scrambled fight. I get that this makes sense and all because of how everything happened in this series of events (enemy team farmed up most of that bounty along with him feeding quite a bit), but thats ridiculous. NO FIGHT should give someone almost 2.5 items, even if they did manage to get a pentakill. Before this patch the most gold I'd ever gotten from either a quadra or pentakill was around 2500. This literally skyrocketed the damage and the game ended almost 90 seconds later. This just doesn't feel right IMO because after KSing me he became unstoppable and carried the next fight himself. I get that you're trying to close the game out, but it shouldn't have been possible for someone so far behind to KS me several times and be able to pump out more damage than me when I legit had over 15 kills at that point. IDK, purely speculation on my part, but this is definitely something that IMO needs to be monitored or adjusted.
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