If the Game is balanced explain this (grasp of the undying btw)

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Comment Below. Plox no hate. Grasp of the undying quadra kill Tahm Kench 1v5 and ace when i was screaming here in the boards no one was hearing me that tanks are absolutely disgusting and those Runes too we surrender too with 4 yes 1 no and 3 quit from that madness... way to Go Riot Balance team. Chage the Runes or do something about tanks... You have the proof on a ranked game too (-16Lp).... P.s and you buffed minions too the only enjoyment i had on this game was farming calmly you took that away too now its more risky... :/ And finally when i see stuff like this is what keeps me away from league if i see this 1 game im tilted for a week seriously why a support only champ can do penta kill why the game has gone so out of balance and im a old player too the days where you had to try your best to get a kill on support where awesome.. Now you have a support starting with 250 damage plus a ton of shields and 100 passives ex why why...plox rework the runes or something like the old ones go look the old Runes and Masteries & each passive of them and make them similar in season 10 just not like this not like this...no one likes this.
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