What is a healthy example of an assassin?

This is a serious question. Everyone's definitions vary of what a healthy assassin should be. With the assassin class update apparently happening in november, I'm curious what Riot's definition of a healthy assassin is. Personally I think it's an assassin that can pull off his job but offers plenty of opportunity for counterplay. I could bring up Zed as an argument because you can counterplay his assassination by building qss or zhonyas, but I feel like being able to just build an item to completely nullify his ult isn't very good counterplay. Plus he is very safe in his assassination attempt, something goes wrong he just blinks out. That isn't exactly high risk gameplay. Another assassin we have is Rengar, and people don't like him because when he is fed you see him and suddenly your adc is dead. He doesn't however, have a great escape UNLESS he still has his ult after the kill. Atleast that is some sort of a tradeoff, but getting instantly deleted isn't exactly super healthy gameplay. So i guess the lines are really blurred when it comes to what is a healthy assassin. I'm curious what Riot/anyone has to say about what a healthy assassin would be like.
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