PSA: Pink wards are meant to be moved around

It's come to my attention that the majority of my teammates don't know how warding works. It's an ongoing battle, not just a one and done type of thing. You should be buying at least one pink ward (Most of the time two) every time you back. You should be using them just to clear enemy vision at times, because just like you, their wards have cooldowns. If you take out the support's wards, they have to go all the way back to base just to get more, take out a trinket ward and that shit's on cd for a while. Take advantage. Also, trinket wards **don't go in bushes**. There are absolutely exceptions to this rule like the pixel bush and lane bushes, but I promise you putting them on paths instead of in bushes will improve your ward game massively. Try to get vision in the enemy jungle, or your own if you're being invaded. If you're a counter jungler, ward before you start taking camps. And for the love of League pls do not call for an objective like baron or drag without bringing a pink with you.

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