Stealth Kayle nerf? Removing one of her key matchups in solo lanes

Kayle's old E, I believe it was called Righteous Fury, created a splash zone on the target she hit, but swung her sword as usual with melee animations. This resulted in AoE, Ranged autos that had no travel time. Now with her VGU, she launches flame waves. Theyre extremely fast, too much to dodge, so why aren't they just a ground-targeted AoE instead? @RiotAugust what was the thinking in making her auto attacks into Projectiles? This effects exactly 1 champion in the entire game, {{champion:157}} , and it completely flips the matchup in his favor. You wouldn't have designed an entire VGU just to remove one of his counters though ... so there had to be another reason. Or did the subject of "Hey one of the biggest reasons to pick Kayle is a counterpick against Yasuo" literally never come up in the 5-8+ months she spent in design?
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