If you aren't already diamond, is there really a point to try climbing the ladder? Or even possible?

I'm not ranting, nor am I angry. I played my 8 games and I hit gold 4. I am happy with where I am at the moment. However I do look at the road ahead and I see it's incredibly long and arduous. Having to for from Gold 4 - 1, win the provisional and then do it all again in a brand new meta with a brand new group of people and mindsets. Whilst I can definitely see people who are already high elo pulling this off, what about people who aren't high-elo players. Is it really possible to break through the low-elo and hit high-elo? I mean at this point, even low-Diamond could be viewed as low-elo. If you're part of the majority of players who are all low-elo, is it even possible for a gold player to go, "I'm going to become a plat player now." Cause if you've been Gold for four seasons straight, is it really possible to suddenly say, "I'm going to become a diamond player this season." I have been told many times over that, "If you were good enough to hit Master or Challenger. You'd have hit it already. The simple fact that you're not already Challenger only means that you're just not good enough to ever hit that rank." Is it really possible for a Gold player like myself to strive for something like Diamond or Master? Or should I just stick to being a Gold Player and liking it?
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