ADCs aren't even Being Played Bot Lane in High Elo Anymore

It's gotten to the point where if {{champion:145}} ,{{champion:81}} , or {{champion:236}} aren't picked any off-meta champion is better than any other possible adc you can play. The only reason those 3 marskmen are viable in the first place is because they were unaffected by the horrible changes to the AD items and were in a relatively good state prior to it. Have we really gotten to this point? Is an entire subgroup of champions going to be unplayable? I understand you guys need to make constant balance changes to keep the game fresh but this seems way too _forced_. Aren't there better ways to innovate the game and if you do have to make changes can't they be small? This game is heading in a bad direction and I genuinely hope everything gets fixed, this isn't even a question of the whole meta shifting. All these changes are virtually making every champion worse and less fun to play. I hope enchanters won't be ruined like this next even if that's what looks like is going to happen... And for those who don't believe me, here's the account of a master-tier player: Check what his bot lanes are going and you can find other examples of this on other people's master/challenger accounts.
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