Why do AD champions get so many nice defensive itemization options?

AD Defensive items -Death's Dance -Bloodthirster -Phantom Dancer -Guardian Angel -Maw of Malmortius (And Hexdrinker) -Mercurial Scmitar -Edge of Night AP Champion Defensive Items -Zhonya's Hourglass -Banshee's Veil -Seraph's Embrace Seriously, why are AP champions allowed to be countered so easily? For AD champions you can build defensively against AP threats while also getting damage. If you're Xerath and the enemy Draven is fed, you better fucking hope that 50 armor from hourglass will save you. Otherwise, you're gonna have to blow an entire item slot for a defensive item that gives you no offensive stats (Randuins/Frozenheart/ etc.). Oh, what's that? The enemy Lux is giving you issues? Don't you worry your pretty little head, my sweet AD summer child. Build Mercurial, Death's Dance, Maw, Phantom Dancer....the possibilities are endless! The best part? You barely have to sacrifice any damage! Can we please fix this?
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