I just lose the game if I gank anything other than bot lane.

Good game riot, so much fun. I just lost 7/8 games cuz I was retarded enough to try and gank mid or top. Fuck me for being a retard amirite. I should just evolve into a secondary slave for bot lane and just forget my farm, forget getting 2 infernals, and just gank bot lane, cuz lord knows adcs are my overlords and I'm just a petty slave for them. Jesus christ, is it so hard to up the price on these ridiculous 2600g items ? {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3094}} Like holy fuck. And {{champion:117}} paired with any adc is actually so cancer, I wanna uninstall league right now, I'm so tilted out of my mind. Had a 65% win rate with udyr, and now I lost 7 games in a row, because I just couldn't get to that kog lulu, kalista lulu, vayne with whoever the fuck. I just got right clicked to death without even reaching them. Never been this tilted. This is even worse than the dynamic q year, check your LCS, games are 60 mins long because everyone is so scared to give 1 kill, because they know what's gonna happen after that. Whole year of enduring the adc slave meta. I was d2 last season and then dropped to d5 cuz bot lanes decided the game in 5 mins. d4 right now and I don't enjoy the game AT ALL. WAKE UP RIOT. Same thing happening again, just before I reached d2. You can try giving us "we're working on adcs not being mandatory in bot lane" crap, when it's coming in like 4 months. Watch any stream, nobody likes the game, everyone is so tilted and they just play cuz thats how they make money. And what are you doing about it ? Kog is 53% win rate 15% pick rate, tristana fed in every game, vayne still right clicking everyone to death, at least you're gutting kalista thank god, xayah right clicking me for 700 crits per auto. Combine that with lulu/janna and just... I don't have any words anymore. I wanna jungle and help all of my team, but when you gank top or mid and get a kill and you hear "enemy double kill", you know the game is over. I'm really just so sad, cuz I still like the game, but I just don't understand why am I being FORCED to camp bot lane and why are adcs dominating this game for over a year... ? ahhh, whatever rant over, lets q up for another game and lets get rightclicked by whichever adc with 80% crit.
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