Why I think game makers just care about money and not the game.

"This is why I just complain in game and piss off other players about..." It's pretty simple really. I used to make these really long bug lists and I made a couple posts with these long lists of bug fixes and improvements. A lot of them actually started to get done after about 6 months, over the course of the next year. I was very happy to see that I wasn't alone in complaining about certain issues and asking for a more user friendly and clean feeling, accurate game. So... Was I ever rewarded for that in any way? Was anyone ever rewarded in any way for posting comments about how to improve the game? Let me know if you were because I would love to know that someone out there other than the dev's were paid in some way for their services. Counter argument 1: But its a free to play game, the game itself is already the reward for playing it and wanting to contribute to its success, cleanliness and enjoyability. Con counter argument 1: Yeah, its a free to play game. And in exchange you want free to own beta testers. I'd rather just get my win of the day and get out of here if you don't value my time. No point wasting my time here I have 3 other games with win of the day bonuses to get and I like to finish that up in 2 hours. So.. why do I want to be rewarded? You can buy one of like a thousand skins for a couple dollars any time you want to make it a little more fancy. Their policy is that: There's no reason or need to have those unless you want to enjoy the game more on a visual level, RANT ALERT: ,with the addition of many skins looking like cosplays of other champions, thus confusing the lower level players for the first team fight like when they see a flamind zyra walk out of the bush to gank them and they flash away thinking she's about to vine you, and oh, no, it's a flaming diana. Or possibly not knowing what spell animation a character is doing and if they need to dodge it. I might need new glasses but my screen isn't far enough away to need them in the first place. RANT OVER Why would I bother posting.. putting a lot of effort and work into coming here and writing all this crap down only to NEVER be recognized, thanked, replied to or rewarded in any way other than the game makers taking credit for people's suggestions and manifesting them for us, oh thank you so much great computer programmers, you have come to save our people from the tyranny of unfinished, untested programming. (maybe that's changed I dunno I haven't been able to play any of the new champs yet lol.) And let's not even get INTO the part where they purposely release every champion super buffed for like a whole month before they balance it. No one learns to play it better this way. Its detrimental to your neurological development. I think this game probably destroys your brain's plasticity resilience lol. So.. you made the skins already... people bought them, most likely because they went on sale at some point. So the value of all your skins is really 2/3 what you say it is and we all accept that businesses are playing everyone in that way and have been for decades. That's not the problem. The problem is... just give us a freakin skin or two for contributing. You're not going to lose any money from that except in the rare chance that you randomly got rewarded a skin you were planning to buy. But you produce infinite skins anyways. RANT ALERT: When's lux's next skin coming out btw? alright I'm done ranting. This is why I just complain in game and piss off other players about the view range and the fact that half the game is minimap based and you cant even play without staring at the god damn mini map literally the whole game. ITS STUPID.. "Then don't play" yeah.. I don't.. I play one game a day now. Make a anew map too. I'm becoming irate so I'll go before I start swearing. lazy. just lazy. I spent over $450 on this account like a fool. If you wondered why any of your vets aren't spending money anymore or are just leaving the game.. this is my reason for not playing much anymore. I like a couple ARAM's and that's about it. Sorry I have the need to feel special and acknowledged. I imagine many humans do.

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