How to make Aatrox better

Make his Q cast delay shorter. His Q cast delay needs to be reduced. It makes his kit clunky. Make attack speed reduce the delay or make it scale with levels. Also make his third Q sweet spot do what ever affect you have on your W. And make his Qs apply on-Hit affects no matter where you hit it. Revert his W. Make his third Auto attack have a onhit affect like prior that is interchangeable. Make his E refresh if he lands Q Sweetspot. Revert his passive but instead of giving him a GA and AD make it so that when his passive is stacked it makes Aatrox grow wings and which gives him movement speed and also make is ultimate a gap closer like malphites so he has a gap closer that does a ton of Aoe damage Make his R Fears champions that are close to Aatrox. Give him Wings with the movement speed And increase size with increased hit box size for his ability and auto range
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