How is it okay that Janna has had 80% of her kit REMOVED and is still receiving nerfs?

For those of you who think Janna is broken NOW, Let's take a glimpse at the many, MANY things Janna has simply had DELETED from her kit over time: **Tailwind** - Used to give GLOBAL movement speed to the team, was nerfed to be within a set range, was nerfed further to be only towards players in a set range moving towards her specifically. -Allies used to retain this movement speed while Janna was dead **Howling Gale (Q)** -Used to give full knockup without charge (the charge only increased damage) -Used to be much wider -Used to have 350 range more than it does now * *Zephyr (W)** -This skill has mostly received standard buffs and nerfs over time **Eye of the Storm (E)** - Bonus AD used to remain after the shield was broken (and the AD used to be higher, too) **Monsoon (R)** -Used to slow enemies inside of the monsoon by 40%, this functionality was simply deleted. -1000 pushback range on ultimate -a total of **3 seconds** in ultimate channel time (aka it was twice as long as it is now) If you think the point of what I'm saying is that she's weak because of all these changes, it's not. My point is more that over time, certain champions are simply having their kits completely gutted and it's not making sense to me. How is it that this champion, (who was only RARELY ever in the spotlight) has managed to have all of these things removed from her kit and is still considered "too strong"? And at what point is it going to stop? At this point Janna is just a pile of scraps of what she used to be. This is the same type of thing that I warned would happen with LeBlanc. LeBlanc had a consistently below average pick/winrate for years, was never a ban, and this was during a time when she had DFG, silence on mark trigger, and faster distortion speed ---> yet they remove all of these things and rework her and she becomes an almost perma banned champion, and oh look, now they realize they fucked up and are trying to rework her, _again_. How on EARTH does this happen? The champion as it stands now has basically been reduced to an ardent slave and an "oh shit" button. Why is it okay that over time, a champion can lose this much of their kit because a certain class of champions (cough) has been allowed to pop off for the entirety of the game's history? And the incoming changes to make her more "aggressive"? Oh right, because it's not good for LCS views when traditionally passive supports like Janna actually get picked.
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