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Who likes games that are over at 15 minutes?! Who likes games that drag on for 50 minutes!? I hope the answer is no one. Games being over at 15 minutes is very boring for 4/5ths of each team in that game. Which is really un-interesting. (Unless its bot lane that gets ahead, but not too far ahead. Then everyone gets to have fun, because everyone can kill an ADC. But we can talk about that at another time) I disagree with riots addressing predetermined games, and how gold flow works. 1: The pro scene will become very risk adverse. (as if it already isn't) a- Teams that get behind "too far" will just keep falling behind even further, with no chance of coming back. b- If you get slightly ahead, you end up giving over more gold. c- By farming, you become a target. (This will end up killing singed as a champion.) 2: The solution to games that are already over, should be to just make the team that has "already won" play it out with their lead. Not give them a hand in their win. a- This will invalidate late game carries, champions that require 3-4 items to really get going. By the time they have the ability to take off, the enemy team will be so far ahead that even if they are really good players, most likely won't be able to 1 v 5. I say this because I like playing late game carries. I always have. If this push were to go through, then can we give Ryze, Azir, Viktor, etc damage buffs or utility buffs or both? Because those champions are already not doing great. b- This will make the game more risk adverse in pro play, and more "pray to god, that someone on my team doesn't int." the current level of praying to god that you don't have someone that ints (Unintentionally) is already high. The statement that the team with the bigger dumb*** will be the team that loses, is already very very very true. This will only accelerate that process. Which will lead to even less fun games for people who want to play the game for fun and semi serious. c- The game should never pick sides to begin with. Look at Nexus Blitz as an example. Its really really really frustrating to see that you were winning all of the early game, and the circle of death spawned on top of the enemy fountain. (But in this case, you were losing.) Not only do you just decide to give up hope, but anyone that wanted to play the game out also, is forced to give up hope. 3: Adding in the turret changes, will be interesting. Potentially good, expected to be bad. a- (Good): The change is very good, and actually makes it harder to punish people who play passively (but to be completely fair. I absolutely hate viegars, luxs, etc that do that. Its just the most frustrating thing in the world, because they have abilities to freely harass you and completely stop you from freely shoving them in all the time.) which could slow down the game pace, and change the meta over to a waveclear meta. (Depends on a bunch of balance changes coming in during preseason. If assassins, and burst mages get nerfed. Waveclear will come back very strong.) b- (Bad): The change is very bad, and makes it near impossible to harass people under tower if they have any form of CC. They would make junglers near worthless unless they have a displacement, or catch them shoved out. Top/Bot lane. Making jungle near useless, leading back to AFK farming jungles (Which honestly, I wouldn't mind. I am kind of sick of seeing junglers come out of the jungle at level 3, when I hit level 3 and then they do 50% of my HP in 2 spells and 2 autos.). We all remember the days of AFK farming junglers back in Season 4/5. (I loved those days, it was a real nice time of who the better laners were. Not who the better jungler was) c- (Both[Arguably the Worse]): Waveclear comes back, champions can't be dove, junglers move over to AFK farming champions, and the games drag on for 50 minutes every game. Which leads into massive changes on epic monsters (baron, in particular; [Personally think that it needs the % damage reduction on minions cut by 1/3). I think that if you were to decide that you are okay with every game ending at 35 minutes, the game would be in a much better state than it currently is. I know this is what the community in the past, wanted. But times have changed, people want to have fun, and not spend 25-35 minutes, every hour farming, because they won or lost four games at 15 minutes. But I could be wrong, who knows. I hope I am wrong. And somehow this change makes the game fun and fair for everyone and makes everyone enjoy it again, fixing bad teammates, and getting arid of stupidly strong snowballs.
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