Things wrong with Pyke. Some which have nothing to do with him:

1) There is basically no AD support itemization. You have {{item:3308}} and {{item:3304}} (Tank and fits all. Still love relic shield but honestly still a tank item). You also have 'support' items that Pyke uses like {{item:3147}} and {{item:3142}}. You have other items you 'could' use like 'The Black Cleaver' and '{{item:3091}}'. I suggested a while ago you make an AD support. Okay, so... Where is the itemization? 2) Damage is too high in this meta. Riot, you were TOLD this multiple times via forums. 3) You decided in a damage is too high meta that it was a great idea to allow Pyke to not build some non-converted HP. Add this with his E or W for aggressive stuns, and you got a problem. Be prepared to be one-shot a lot. 4) His Q is basically saying "Hey idiot, just stare at me while I am charging my hook. Don't hide behind that minions even though you have the time. Don't realize I have no way of building HP after I hook you." Next one is a problem in a different way: 5) You decided to nerf minion gold. Now he gives gold via relic shield and ultimate. Great. Now, can we actually make it so supports can't zone your ADC, damage your ADC, or peel your ADC so hard out of minion gold by GIVING IT BACK TO ALL MINIONS?
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