Unpopular opinion: Akali isn't that annoying to play against.

I keep seeing Akali hate threads but I feel like a huge point is being missed here. Personally, I don't find Akali that hard to play against. Counter picking her is pretty easy as all you need is a champion that can aoe or lock her down in her smoke. Gragas, Poppy, etc are all amazing picks against her. She's banned often which means the people that want to main her don't have enough expierence to completely stomp and the people that play against her don't have enough expierence to counter her. The first time I played against Zoe, I hated it. Then I realized just how freelo she is if you pick a decent counter pick and just side step her sleep pre 6. I think if less people banned Akali and took the time to learn her weaknesses instead of focusing on her strengths, a lot of people wouldn't be so blinded. I know people who haven't even played against Akali, but they're still banning it. I almost feel as if Akali is only being banned so much as a weird hate bandwagon that doesn't really make sense. I ban Blitzcrank in just about every game I play because that's a champion I personally don't like playing against. Is blitzcrank good? Not really. Do I flame riot 24/7 because Blitzcrank is op and his hook is too "unfair" to play against? No, I'm aware of how to counter blitz and if I ever decide to ban my second most hated champion, Lee Sin, I'm aware of how to completely stomp such a useless support. Half of you I feel like don't even have that much of a right to complain, because Akali is pretty much garbage unless you're in really high tier gameplay. Do you honestly think that the bronze akali you faced once was honestly good at akali in any way shape or form and you weren't just unaware of how to play against her? TL;DR Akali isn't that annoying to play against, people just don't take the time to learn how to play against her. People need to stop coming for riot's weave over their own ignorance. Y'all are pretty much not in the elo where people are abusing Akali, yet you're still complaining about her and it doesn't make much sense. If you're going to complain about a champion complain about Darius or Garen because they're probably 2000x better of a pick down there than Akali will ever be.
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