What if Kalista's passive....

Was spending stacks ? You have max of **2 stacks at lvl 1** and ** 5 on lvl 18** - stacks need **1 second to charge** at any level. Meaning she can have **almost unlimited dashes in a row** on level one with no additional Attack Speed and **max 7 dashes in a row** on level 18 with 2.5 AS.... I think... Or maybe they should be maxed at 4 at level 18.... http://www.vidalol.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/kalista.png Anyhow the numbers are just for illustration; I really don have a clue how this will work out (I dont do ADC's), so i wanna hear more experienced players would this do any good on her? **EDIT** The "she cant cancel AA" will have affect only while her stacks are positive.
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