Items that need nerfed

{{item:3812}} {{item:3161}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3040}}{{item:3152}} {{item:3146}} . MAGE ITEMS ARE WAY TOO FUCKING STRONG. Quit bitching about your lack of itemization when you literally have the best items in the game. Sorc boots need their pen taken down to 15 again and not 18. Void Staff should be no more than 35% total MR pen. Spear should honestly just be removed until they give it a different passive. Morello gives way too much in terms of flat stats along with Grevious Wounds. Protobelt gives way too much for how cheap it is (2500) and the build path is extremely friendly. Gunblade active is not only a targeted mini nuke with a very high base damage (175-253 w/ 30% AP scaling), but it also grants a 2 second slow and the healing on it is stupid. Tired of watching low health Akalis and Katarinas walk up to minion waves only to heal to full after spamming their no cost spells. Death's Dance has the same issue as Gunblade where the healing is way too damn much and the bleed passive is applied to too much damage. It's insane how Bruisers that build Death's Dance and have Conquerer are immediately more tanky than champs like Maokai.
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