Ezreal questions from a non-Ezreal player

Saw that this guy is in the dumpster currently, and also that he's still really only played bot. So here's some questions I had: 1. It seems he's a late game champ in a early-game meta. Is this why his WR is currently low? 2. Give the circumstances, he seems like he'd make a better mid-laner these days. No? 3. AP seems the most logical since it scales with more abilities - is there a case to be made for AD Ez? 4. If there is a case, I assume you max W last, no? I'd really like an AD Ez option. 5. I'm still learning what he "does." I seemed to be able to light up the tankier champs with an LDR thanks to his passive AS - is this what you're supposed to do? 6. His skins. I need a decent one. I bought Debonair which I thought was alright, but then I looked at the model in the chroma selection screen and I've never cringed at a champ like I did then. Sweet jesus. Anyway I'm looking at Frosted, or Mega Man skin. Any help is appreciated. Again, anything you can offer is better than what I currently have. Thanks.
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