Is Quinn's kit (or her thematic design) really conductive to an adc role

TLDR; I play Quinn top, and have notice somethings that affect her when played as an adc. Namely, Vault's unreliability and dangerousness, and Valor's kit not being the best for an adc. So, are Quinn and Valor really ad carries or is their kit better tuned for a solo lane? Also, would a potential rework be better suited to a solo or duo lane? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quinn for a while now has been one of my mains and I love her to death. However, recently I have been thinking as to why is she one of the least played marksman in league. I view her kit as being extremely well balanced, with each skill having offensive/defensive uses and trade-offs for both. Of course, this view of mine comes from a solo lane bias, (I mostly play her top). When I play her in a duo lane as an adc I notice, three glaring problems that prevent her from performing well in the role. * First, at the top levels of play vault's (her E) offensive uses leaves her too vulnerable to counters to be used reliably. * Second, Valor (her ult) has his kit and damage profile tuned in such a way as to create a conflict in play styles. * Lastly, Valor as an ability on an adc presents too much risk to a character who's damage relies on auto-attacks. So, let me explain what I mean for each of these points * Vault for Quinn is one of her main damage points, as it applies her passive to her target. However, by using vault it opens Quinn to being interrupted mid vault and being left dangerously close to the enemy laners. A feat that is more easily done at higher levels, due to better reaction time, etc. What's more is that vault's defensive uses can also allow Quinn to be easily interrupted and killed. Vault also makes it easy for champions with auto-attack CC, such as Leona's Q, almost always connect should Vault be used on them. These vulnerabilities in vault's uses make it harder for Quinn to thrive in a duo lane environment. * The disparity in Valor's damage profile and kit comes in that his kit without numbers reads almost like an assassin's, but with numbers appear (and play) like a melee auto-attack carry. This disparity means that one wants to use Valor's kit for burst to eliminate a single target, but also wants to use it for the extra auto-attack carry potential. * As for Valor's risk being too high for an adc is the simple fact that his kit is tuned to be focused on auto-attacks and that he is melee. Yet, Valor has none of the tools that other melee auto-attack carries have to be able to reliably get off their damage. (Such, as alpha strike, wind-wall, or undying rage). All this adds up to the fact that I do not believe that Quinn fits into the adc role, and that is possibly why she is one of the least played adc's in the game. What I want to ask of the community is whether or not Quinn, and her kit, are conductive to the adc role, or is she better played in a solo lane? And, if there is a potential rework, or kit change for Quinn, should Riot focus on her as an adc or as a solo lane marksman?
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