Which offensive supports would you recommend?

So I was autofillled support today (immediately putting me in a rather foul mood because I wanted to play Nocturne) but I went with it and reluctantly choose Lux because I've been seeing her a lot in my recent games (mostly mid but w/e). Much to my surprise I actually liked it because I can both be supportive and still have kill pressure with the right build. Then I thought to myself "well, years of maining jungle have made me completely shit at CS-ing anyway, maybe I can turn support in my secondary role and actually be useful outside of the jungle!". So my question is what other champions are there that can fulfill a similar hybrid damage-dealing and support role? Note that with "support" I mean actual shields, heals and that kind of stuff, not just offensive cc that champions like Vel'Koz or Brand offer. Thanks for any suggestions!
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