I really don't know how you went through with Pyke changes

The whole double gold deal Just played vs a Pyke top. He ended the game with 52 farm, he went 19/11/5, taking the majority of his teams kills with ult, and made 19K gold. In comparison, I went 18/6/12, had 167 farm, and ended the game with 18.5K gold. That also includes 7 plates that Pyke didnt get, and our team killed 11 towers to their 2, along with 4 drakes and 2 barons to their 1 drake. Yet, Pyke, just playing like an absolute fiesta clown, can out earn someone who is farming, taking objectives across the map, and winning the game. Fantastic change Rito. As the youths say "thanks, I hate it"
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