Who are YOUR top 3 permaban champions?

Just wanted to know who you guys like to ban in Ranked, and why you ban them. For me, my top 3 permaban champs are {{champion:64}}{{champion:67}}{{champion:157}}. Do I think any of these champions are OP, or even decent? Not really. In fact, all three of them hover around 48-49% win rate. So why do I ban them? {{champion:64}} - I ban this champ because statistically he is the most played Jungler in the game, even more than {{champion:104}}. This means that banning him gives me the highest chance of screwing over the enemy jungler even before the game starts. {{champion:67}} and {{champion:157}} - I ban both of them for the exact same reason: They int so damn often, and when they int, they int HARD. I haven't had a game with a {{champion:67}} where she doesn't die at least 6 times. For {{champion:157}}, he dies at least 7 times every time he's on my team. It's like the moment you play a champ like {{champion:67}} or {{champion:157}}, you get this massive inexplicable desire to constantly try 'sick outplayz!' and 'insaaane mechanics!', and then get yourself killed. Who are YOUR top 3 permaban champions, and why do you ban them? Leave your answers in the comments below.
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