Partial Revert for Rengar to make him relevant again

Hi Dear Riot, I'm here to talk about the champ that i loved to play the most since season 3 , rengar , the champion that made me love this game and me have alot of fun and really good times , but now all of that is gone since i no longer have fun with him. its been a while since rengar has been considered a diver , its true he was more or less a diver before the rework but thats not the point. There is one point i wanna talk with all of you and its the rework.A lot of Rengar Mains including me are not having fun anymore with him and that makes me and everyone else who mains him pretty sad. Rengar before the rework was so way more fun then the current one thanks to his old Q(the mechanic being an auto reset), to be serious it felt more satisfing killing people one by one instead of killing them all at once. imo , having old rengar back is probably the best option right now to make him not only fun to play again but also very easy to deal with , but with once exeption , partially revert him and leave some of his current kit aspects intact (mainly current ferocity and current R), what im saying is have the old Q back the current kit can be used with the old Q perfectly the only change can be made is the ult, feeling a bit weak too but simple to work on it. Removing the crit when he leaps on the target. Thats my opinion to make rengar feel playable again and fun to everyone also while also maintaining the counterplay aspect, i would love to see what you guys think , any feedback is appreciated.
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