Unique things Yuumi can do.

I would like to learn and discuss any unique things you guys have learned that {{champion:350}} can do or odd things she cannot do. You can hide inside of {{champion:14}} passive and its actually pretty fun to ult people as dead {{champion:14}} beats people down. You can also W {{champion:7}} , {{champion:35}} , and {{champion:518}} clones although i can see that giving away who the true one is or you could use it to escape or trick players to save your team. I'm sure everyone knows how you can stealth with {{champion:84}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:121}} . You can also channel rift herald while attached. You are immune to {{champion:30}} ult while attached. You can bait and block skill shots such as {{champion:555}} hook only to immediately reattach. {{champion:517}} can steal your ult and you use it together for the instant root if there's no better ults for him. That's all i can think of for now. Let me if there's something i didn't talk about here I would enjoy learning more. Such as if {{champion:61}} protect transfers the shield, armor, and magic resist if you W someone. Thank you in advance {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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