Petition to bring all Rotating Game Modes to custom!

Hey, I have been playing league of legends ever since S1, and ive got to say, you guys have made some awesome gamemodes! For example, Dominion, URF, All for one, HexaKill, Black Market Brawlers, Nexus Blitz, Ascension, etc. I haven't seen these RGMS for a while, and would like for riot to put these game modes in custom! I've asked plenty of people, found creator of boards who agree with me, and would like to bring all RGMS (rotating game modes) to Custom! leave an up vote if you want this change to occur, and vote down in the poll! Lets try at least hitting 500! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Riot may be reluctant, but please read all of this! Riot 2017 "Why do we keep getting different versions of URF mode instead of regular URF? URF launched a long time ago, way before we ever started doing RGM. It was basically a crazy April Fool’s gag that ended up becoming hugely popular. Given how popular it is, lots of players want to know why we don’t bring back regular URF more often. There’s one reason that we haven’t really talked about before now: URF makes some people stop playing League." - Riot, Well, the simple solution, is to keep it! Read this discussion riot
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