REVERT Celerity, rant

all the other shit i can deal with. what i _can't_ deal with.. removed: DAMAGE CONVERSION No longer converts bonus movement speed to adaptive force are your nerfs to "celerity because IN YOUR OWN WORDS #AND I QUOTE >This may free up ADC choices. becuase the ACTUAL PEOPLE WHO NEEDED IT WEREN'T AN ISSUE... THE ISSUES WAS THE ADC'S COULD USE IT so of course lets COMPLETELY FUCK OVER all the champions who ABSOLUTELY NEED IT. and make EVERY SINGLE RUNE IN SORCERY TIER 2 _complete garbage_ because u didn't want ADC'S taking the rune. and WHY do u think the "adaptive force" on adc's is an issue? BECAUSE U FUCKING MADE THIS PIECE OF SHIT {{item:3095}} THAT GRANTS YOU 20% MOVEMENT SPEED So why don't FUCKING ADDRESS AND THAT THAT AWAY SO CHAMP LIKE {{champion:202}} DON'T RUN AT MACH 3 and give us back WHAT WE FUCKING NEED THIS is EXACTLY the kind of thing why mage players CALL BIAS TOWARD AD CHAMPS. you literally DESTROY a rune that for EVERY SINGLE CLASS WAS PERFECT until you introduced an UPFRONT BURST ITEM WHICH NO ONE WANTED!!! WITH EVERYONE SCREAMING AT YOU "BURST IS TOO HIGH" and instead of addressing the interaction with THAT ONE FUCKING ITEM WHICH SHOULD FRANKLY SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN MADE IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU ABSOLUTELY GUT A MAGE TREE RUNE. in a row where THERE ARE NO OTHER FUCKING OPTIONS TO TAKE. THIS IS WHY WE CALL YOU FUCKING BIASED TOWARD AD EVERY single mage who takes sorcery primary is now 100% FORCED TO GRAB TRANSCENDENCE because it is the ONLY option that is not 100% trash even enough its STILL GARBAGE outside champs who could items that would end up stacking excess cdr you want to know why CELERITY WAS SO POPULAR??? THERE WERE NO OTHER FUCKING OPTIONS IN THAT ROW FOR ABOUT 130+ CHAMPIONS
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