Riot says they prioritize making the game fresh and interesting...

...yet so far what is happening is the complete opposite. Thanks to Damage being the bar of viability, you have the same roster of barely 25 champions out of 135 played in high elo games, big playmakers happen once at best which leads to the **ALREADY HORRIBLY LOSING** team to suffer an ace. Listen up, When we said we were sick of the 3rd tank meta in season 6, we did **NOT** say we want a damage meta. No. We said we want the tank meta to stop. We didn't want damage up, we wanted resistance down. **LEARN THE DIFFERENCE**. Edit: to all the idiots who actually think they can twist and turn this argument to belittle me: When you nerf resistances, you majorly, and almost solely, influence tanks and their stats. by buffing damage, you influence EVERYTHING. Tanks, squishies, mages, support, lunch fucking everything. Please, I keep telling people to not be so surficial with arguments just to start a fight, Not only is it absolutely retarded to try, but it is an embarrassment for yourself to top it off. Veterans keep leaving, announcing that they quit on the boards or on reddit, or even on stream. The Typical big time streamers are slowly but surely moving away from LoL, the faces that make it mostly popular, people like Pokimane, are more often than not seen playing fortnite as just the most well known example out of many. LCS has had only one interesting thing to see in this entire year and that was the taliyah/karthus crash that erased the whole game, giving the team with the leading scores a win by default. New players get consistently turned off by LoL. The BE farming system cripples them from getting 20 champs anytime soon and capsules have shit drops, only after lvl 60 do they start dropping shards from champs worth over 1350BE, at any moment prior to that you are dependant on farming chests and keys to get any high price champs so you can break the 20 champ owning bar. Just so you get into ranked. Before ranked, it means you have a fucked up limited choice of champs to play, which half of whom you have no time learning, the others are too unviable or too tilt-magnetic to even try more than once, leaving you mostly unintentionally to onetrick a champ you vehemetly despise just to avoid being called a troll 8 games out of 10. League of legends is definetly not dead, but Riot has audaciously shown off that they have found the way to kill it, and with each patch it feels more like they are holding the game's throat by the knife. If it becomes interesting first, then efficient, then within the next 2 patches that becomes "fixed". And that is fucked up. Trying to fix the fun out of it in an misunderstood manner of making it more interesting, which really, you did not manage so far. LoL is becoming pale and monotone as well as purely stress indulging. Fun is about as much a myth as a unicorn at this point. If this is your understanding of fresh and interesting Riot, then i fucking dread to see how hard you are gonna bring ruin to game you intentionally want to see burn. Rant over, nice monday everyone. hah. yeah right, monday and nice. off i am to take my meds thanks to this shit rant.
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