PSA: Riot is not this board's personal servant

Riot is in no way obligated to take this board as law. ***Thankfully they don't***. Ive been on this board for many years now. 37 thousand meaningless upvotes almost entirely from this board. Legitimately all this board does is bitch and bitch and bitch. Every time Riot solves a problem this board demands, it just moves on to bitching about the next thing without a second thought. Made bruisers viable? ***Ignored***. Made ADCs not mandatory? ***Ignored.*** Slowed down early jungle? ***Ignored.*** Toned down tanks? ***Ignored***. Increased solo snowball? ***Ignored***. Did literally anything this board asked for? Lul ***ignored***. Instantly on to crucifying Riot for the next buzzword. Riot does plenty that the community asks for. No matter what though, this board is ***GUARANTEED*** to bitch and whine and cry. "THE GAME IS DYING!!!" Literally been seeing this over and over and over for so many years now. Guess you were wrong huh? I swear people people just spam this over and over just so maybe one day they can say "AHA! I was right! I was wrong those other 500 times but I was right ***this one time***!". It's like the Hashinshin effect. Be hilariously wrong 99% of the time but occasionally say something legitimate. But hey, some random nobody on the internet thinks they're better than the developers of one of, if not THE most, successful video games ever. You sure showed Riot with your zero related achievements, qualifications, or accolades in the industry. "No no! ***THIS META*** is the worst! ***For real this time!***" Literally gets spammed in every single meta period. Every single meta is "the worst so far". Every. Single. One. Without fail. No exceptions. The game has been getting progressively worse since day 1 of beta according to this board. "The old days were SOOOOO much better" The nostalgia glasses are strong as fuck. People act like old seasons were so great and amazing when in reality it was the same shit, different toilet. There are always overturned champs. There is always bullshit. There is always burst. There is always this board complaining. "Oh, but we had this one cool thing!" ***Proceeds to ignore all the bullshit at the time***. Oh I 'member! "No, that wasn't me that was agreeing last time exdee" Well can someone explain to me how when an opinion can get a 90% upvote rate in the front page then when a few weeks or months later it turns out to be wrong all of a sudden nobody said that? "It's almost like different people on the board have different opions ex dee". Then that comment gets 100% upvoted lol. Wow it's real weird how it was 90% upvoted just two weeks ago but magically now 100% of people never agreed with it. Hmmmm. It couldn't be people hiding behind anonymity? No, not at all. Remember when the IE changes were supposed to be massive buffs to ADCs and stacking Black Cleavers with transcendence was going to be "OMG BROKEN OP"? Weird how I see so many of the same names but magically every single one of them knew the truth. "But I found this ***one site*** that says on this ***one day*** in this ***one ELO*** that this champ I don't like overperformed!" The selective stat cherry picking on this site is hilarious. Don't like a champ and want to start an angry circlejerk against them? Search every single site for the absolute highest winrate and pickrate you possibly can and use those numbers in your title. "Wow it looks like has this champ at a 2% higher winrate than every other site. That's the only one I care about!" Honestly I could go on and on about the bullshit on this board. This board is nothing more than an echo chamber for angry shit posting and circle jerking that Riot is under no obligation to listen to. Always has been, always will be. As soon as one opinion gets any upvotes it gets repeated ***over and over and over and over and over and over*** with absolutely ZERO regard to whether it's true or not. If I had any suggestion it would be that that mods need to come down much harder and remove a lot of trash content, blatant clickbait titles, duplicate threads, and witch hunt rageposts that have no intention of promoting actual discussion.
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