Ranked is actually rediculous

I don't know how the ranked system is supposed to be fair. The last week alone I've gone from Silver 3 to Silver 2 and back to Silver 3 about 6 times. I swear it's like I stomp a game with teammates who are 2 tiers above me, or lose a game with 4 players who are 4 tiers below me. There's no in between where everyone is on the same page as me. Last game for example I opened middle, took inhibitor, and the two turrets guarding Nexus. One person guards base while enemy Tryndamere pushes, Irelia guards the enemy Nexus alone. My other 3 teammates, despite me repeatedly pinging to come mid and end the game, go bottom and push 2 turrets and an inhibitor before we lose to Tryndameres push. I'm saying in chat just simply "COME MID, END THE GAME" over and over, yet they go bottom and push for 30-40 seconds and we lose. 4 of us simply could have walked mid with our pushed wave of supers, and ended the game. Its like my teammates are not on the same mindset of how to play the game as me. I feel like if there was 4 of me, in every role, we'd win the game. I'm not saying I'm a genius, but I understand the mechanics of how to play the game and what to do at certain points. I've been studying this over and over for months. Yet my teammates can't follow suit. Last game was an easy win, but because they couldn't see to come mid they lost. Seriously, go watch it, you will cry at the end when they kill 3 of the enemy with a pushed nexus open middle and they all go bot except for me. I don't even want to play this anymore, the tables are always against me no matter how well I'm doing and I'll get a team that knows what there doing like every 1/6 games. I don't always win lane, but I still have a general grasp on how to defend when things go bad. Everyone else on my team just gets stomped and gives up. Things need to change or people will eventually get fed up and quit. It's frustrating to lose games when you're trying hard and someone quits or goes to pee at 36minutes or trolls/afks/feeds/can't do simple things like end the game. I know I'm going to get flamed for this post, and I don't really care. I'm not a pro by any means but the ranked system is completely unfair and I'm sick of it. If nobody complains it will never get better, it's the same with our society and look at how that's turning out.
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