Ivern PBE change feedback

So Iverns current PBE changes grant him his boosted aa range even when out of bushes, however he still needs to enter them to get the damage steroid. This change is awesome however breaks allot of Iverns core Q interactions which I feel should be addressed. Since he's now pulled to his maximum aa range ivern can no longer jump over most jungle walls, slowing his clear down immensely. Getting his E slow off is extremely difficult since you're pulled beyond its explosion range. You're less likely to catch someone in a chase as they, by default are given more room to run away as there's a greater distance between u, where as in the past I could Q to you, dump a bush under me and wack you. The solution is relatively simple in thought: Iverns Q interaction with himself is changed. He can right click it to obey it's usual rules or instead reactivate it if within range, pulling him into melee range. This will allow ivern to traverse the jungle, catch people and chase them down as he does currently. Or he can take the safe route and just right click them to remain at range. I feel a change along these lines is essential to not destroy this champions core aspects that allow him to succeed. Edit: The changes are live, time to see what the end result is. So the changes are half right and they fixed the most important problem, the jungle camp dash. The champion interaction has recieved a 1/4 change. If he reactivates his Q he is pulled slightly less than his AA range and if he simply right clicks he is pulled to max aa range. Personally I'll always be reactivating the spell and would love to see the champion specific aspect of my proposal thrown in
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